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Ones to follow

By Adelaide Haynes

UOW alumni are ambitious, creative and connected and they’re gaining quite a following. Here are just a few we like to follow.

The vlogger

Dee Dee 

Engineer by trade, storyteller at heart. Dee Dee is a young content creator from Myanmar (Burma), who is working hard to be a positive influence to younger generations.

The entertainer

Joshua O'Connor

Josh teaches aerial arts (silks, hammock, lyra and trapeze) in Sydney. He manages all shows and performances at the studio and is currently working on a show called Dreamcatcher.

The artist (and firefighter)

Jasmine Sarin

Jasmine is the creative behind JS Koori Designs, striving to build and grow a sustainable Aboriginal owned and operated business. Oh, and she’s a firefighter in her spare time!

The teacher

Rianna Le

Rianna makes teaching look fun. With entertaining, quirky and bright learning tools, hacks and artwork, you’ll wish you had a teacher like Miss Le!

The traveller

Li Yuen

Li Yuen is soaking up all that Australia has to offer. Exploring your own backyard never looked so good. Though her secret talent is scouting hip cafes and vantage points.

The podcaster

Marlee Silva

Indigenous. Female. Excellence. That’s the vibe oozing from Marlee’s socials. Marlee is founder and co-host of Tiddas 4 Tiddas, a podcast to empower young Indigenous women and is making waves in our ears and around Australia.

The Activist

Laura Wells

Who would have thought a passion for law, modelling, the media, travel, the ocean and animals would land you a successful career as a modern day eco-warrior? Laura combines her passions to combat climate change and to keep our oceans clean.


Dee Dee

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering), 2019

Joshua O'Connor

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Theatre), 2018

Jasmine Sarin

Bachelor of Health Science (Indigenous Health Studies), 2007

Rianna Le

Bachelor of Primary Education (Dean's Scholar), 2019

Li Yuen

Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy and Finance), 2018

Marlee Silva

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing), 2017

Laura Wells

Bachelor of Laws - Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences), 2008


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