Research Impact


Powering the electricity market

A continuous partnership harnessing research, technical expertise and industry application for mutual benefit

Over its unbroken 21-year duration, the partnership between the Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre (APQRC) at UOW and electricity distributor Endeavour Energy has blended the crucial ingredients of true collaboration: exchange of expertise, mutual understanding, and shared benefits.

The origins of the partnership go back to 1996, when an agreement was made between UOW and Integral Energy (now Endeavour Energy) to work towards a shared goal of a quality, reliable electricity supply. Since then, the agreement has been renewed on an ongoing basis every three years, with total funding received by UOW exceeding $5 million.

For their financial investment in the APQRC, Endeavour Energy is able to draw on the research and teaching capabilities of UOW in engineering technology, including assurance of the supply of skilled and job-ready electrical engineers employable in the power industry through to full funding of lecturing positions.

As well, a flagship development of the APQRC has been the Power Quality Compliance Audit, a novel, large scale power quality monitoring project, which has been operating for over a decade, and which is highly valued by the electricity distribution industry.

At arguably the most disruptive period in the industry’s history – with traditional power generation networks challenged by renewable energy sources and fast paced innovation in battery storage technologies – both partners are looking to leverage their investments to meet future energy challenges.

APQRC researchers are examining the capability of network providers to connect to renewables, such as solar farms, and to harness the potential of energy storage. They will continue to offer up-to-date professional training programs and a flexible Master of Electrical Power Engineering academic program tailored to working engineers.

The UOW research team will continue to contribute to standards and industry bodies related to best practice in power quality management, ensuring industry relevance, and to pursuing a research program which already includes the publication of more than 100 journal articles and 140 conference presentations since 2007.

Partner organisation

Endeavour Energy

UOW participants

Prof. Sarath Perera (Technical Director), A/Prof. Phil Ciufo (Deputy Technical Director), Emeritus Prof. Vic Gosbell, Prof. Danny Sutanto, Prof. Kashem Muttaqi, Dr Ashish Agalgaonkar, Dr Duane Robinson, Dr Jeff Moscrop, Dr David Stirling, Mr Sean Elphick, Mr Gerrard Drury, Mr Jason David
Honorary Professorial Fellows: Dr Robert Barr, Dr David Sweeting, Dr Peeter Muttik, Mr Ty Christopher, Dr Nalin Pahalawaththa, Mr Alex Baitch
Honorary Senior Fellow: Dr Vic Smith
Honorary Fellows: Mr Neil Browne, Dr Lasantha Meegahapola, Dr Upuli Jayatunga